My Beauté: Coconut Oil

From makeup remover to immune system’s booster, Coconut Oil’s got you covered! In the first article of 2018, I’m sharing with you 7 Wonder-Uses for Coconut Oil that I recommend.

Why Are We Here & Where Will We Go?

The reason behind my blog and why I’ve chosen the path of clean(er) ingredients in my skincare + A thank you note for Julia Petit.

Summer & Sunscreen

How much time can you be exposed to the sun based on your skin tone? How to choose between Physical Sunscreens and Chemical Sunscreens? Find out the one that best suits you + What I look for in a Sunscreen.

Cleopatra’s Beauty Secrets

Some of the secrets of the renowned most beautiful woman in human history. And one of them will quite likely surprise you! + Tips on how to use them currently!

The Skin I Live In

Nowadays, the manifesto to worship the skin you live in at all cost feels almost as intolerant as the one forcing you to change to fit into beauty standards.

Emma’s Beauty Secrets

Emma Watson, our eternal Hermione and now our inspiring Belle, tells about her love for natural products, her curiosity and passion for makeup since she was a kid and shares her organic and mindful routine from head-to-toe, including her pubic hair oil.